28 December 2011

The eve of Chrstmas Eve

Friday 23rd December. Itay headed to work for a short day and the kids and I spent a lovely day in our pyjamas at home. The kids wanted to know "where are we going today?" and were hugely disappointed when I said "nowhere". We obviously need to stay home more! We had a slow, gentle home day. The kids played together and alone. I didn't have to break up too many fights. We ate leftovers for lunch, we had a little nap. It was just what we each needed. Time to do not much at all.

Three small balls of playdough - yellow, blue and pink. He started off rolling snakes and cutting shapes.

Then he decided squishing the three colours together was much more fun!

I thought M would go crazy when she saw O had "ruined" the playdough, but instead, she embraced. "Oh, that is beautiful! I'm going to do it too!" And she did. This day just worked. Loved it.


Michelle said...

Hope you have a lovely chrissy with the fam and they keep playing in harmony all year long!

Blythe said...

Thanks Michelle, you too! And wouldn't it be lovely if they were harmonious all year long. Odd, but lovely!