15 December 2011


A couple of months ago, we had the priviledge of meeting up with amazing photographer Rachel Richter. It was a super windy afternoon by the beach and a little colder than we had imagined, but the light was lovely and just look! Rachel caught us in some beautifully sweet, funny moments. Photographs of our family that truly reflect us. Beyond precious. Thank you, Rachel.


Anonymous said...

what happy family photos. they are beautiful. xo.

Anonymous said...

so so gorgeous

Nic xx

Anonymous said...

hello blythe. i did receive your comment and thank you. same to you and your family. i hope you find the balance of celebrating your traditions and christmas. i did read that post but have never found myself in that situation so i wasn't so sure how to reply. enjoy the season and i look forward to chatting more in the new year. veronica. xo.