29 December 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we drove down to my Mum's new house, out in country. It is such a beautiful place. The boy began the day at an awful time, 4.50am to be exact. Seriously? So tired. We picked up fresh oysters froma  littel shack beside the creek and decorated Mum's Christmas tree. Again, we went with the "more is more" decorating philosophy and the kids loved it.

They romped around the property, harrassed the cows and spotted the koalas. The kids played with the games I used to play with when I was little.We lit a sweet fire in the old fireplace and relaxed with drinks out the back. We admired the coloured sparkling fairy lights and swatted the mosquitos. We lit the Hannukah candles and shared this with my family.

The kids went off to bed in the same room, for the very first time. It was very sweet. Good night, funny little people.

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