12 December 2011

point + shoot {weekend la la}

Another weekend passes by, with only just a few weeks of the year left. Can you believe it? We had a very quiet couple of days, with my darling Mum visiting us. Saturday morning was humid but raining so we wandered over to the shopping centre and pottered about. I did manage to achieve a few errands and then we wandered home again and all had a little nana nap. Ahh, I love an afternoon nap!

Later, M and I made strawberry and lime granita for the very first time. So easy and so delicious! It wasn't quite hot enough on Saturday for us to truly appreciate the icy, fruity goodness, but something we'll definitely make again through summer.

The boys played a little tennis outside. I just love his look of concentration here!

Then M made soup soup with fern fronds, water and sand. good stuff.

Sunday dawned sunny and blue. The boys headed to the beach while the girl and I glammed up for the last birthday party of the year. It was extremely hot and humid but the Miss Fairy Floss the fairy made it all worthwhile. My girl was in heaven!

She wasn't so well when we arrived home but after a shower and a little rest, she was happy again. I managed to sneak in a quick trip to stock up on books and drinks and then we had a simple picnic dinner on the lounge room floor while a summer storm thundered outside.

So another week begins. How was your weekend?

I'm joining in with point + shoot over with Lou.


HappeningsOfUs said...

Sounds like a good weekend, gorgeous photos!

Lisa said...

gorgeous photos.. Happy monday!!

Zoe said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

Michelle said...

Save me some of that granita please!
Sounds like a great weekend, hope you have a fabulous week :)

Anonymous said...

that granita looks so tasty. i have been meaning to make some for a while now. what a lovely weekend you had. the face paint is beautiful.