13 December 2011

She graduates

Our girl began day care in January 2008. We chose our lovely child care centre because it just felt like the right fit. They suggested placing M in to the baby room for a few months when she first started as she wasn't walking, feeding herself and was still having two sleeps per day. The other centres I had visited and spoken to had all said "she will just learn to fit in with the toddler room routine". It just felt right to have M ease in rather than expect her to fit in to such a foreign routine straight away. It was so hard to do, so I needed it to be as easy as possible.

She hated day care for a very long time. She didn't settle easily. I'm not exaggerating when I say she cried almost every single morning that I took her to kindy. Even though she learned to adore kindy, her friends and her carers, she cried hysterically almost.every.single.morning. She stopped in May this year. Long haul. Phew.

On Friday night, that same girl graduated from kindy. She proudly sang their graduation song, shook hands with the director, smiled and announced she wanted to be a surfer when she grows up.

(Then we discovered for sobbed for about 15 minutes after that very cool moment because our loud cheers and claps frightened her.)

So she heads off to big school next year. My big girl. Happy graduation, sweet girl.


Anonymous said...

this is wonderful and so great to hear she is ready for big school. she looks like she is having a lot of fun and i love the little hat and outfit. xo.

Blythe said...

Thanks Veronica - she is so ready!