7 December 2011

What's for dinner?

What are you having for dinner this week? Itay says this was super fast meal planning this week. I'm still loathing. Must.snap.out.of.it.

We're trying out one new recipe, the fish and chips are apparently healthy, baked in herbs and Panko breadcrumbs with crunchy potatoes dusted with sumac. Mm, looking forward to that one!
Kebab with corn and salad (this is Israeli kebab, so it's beef and lamb mince mixed with herbs and a few other yummies, BBQed on metal skewers. They look like long thin rissoles, I guess.)

Nasi Goreng
Provencal chicken with pearl cous cous
Fish and chips
Nonya chicken curry
Thai chilli prawns with garlic bread and salad

Do you have any inspiration or ideas for me? What does your family love to eat?

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