21 December 2011

What's for dinner?

Chicken satays w/ peanut sauce, rice and vegetables (we didn't eat this last week so it is on the menu this week!)
Borekas, grated tomato w/ chilli and eggs (This is an Israeli dish, basically puff pastry triangles filled with ricotta and feta, or potato. The hard boiled eggs are cooked at a very low heat overnight in the oven)
Lovely legs (An adapted Jamie Oliver recipe w/ olives, wine, fennel)
Lamb burgers & kumera chips
Prawns, caper and chilli w/ spaghetti

And a batch of Spaghetti bolognaise for the freezer - kindy lunches


Laura said...

I love Borekas! Yum

Blythe said...

Yep, they're a favourite at our house!