2 December 2011

You only regret the workouts you don't do

So, I’m back at the gym. I tend to wake up before my alarm now, if I’m not already awake. We have a little blonde alarm clock these days. A little blonde who currently has conjunctivitis, so waking up is not pretty for him. Poor little boy.

While all the same self doubting, self loathing, tired and lazy excuses float through my mind, at least I can’t complain that it is dark and cold. Instead, at 5.08am (that is the time I set my actual alarm for!) it is bright sunshine, blue sky and getting warm. By the time I walk back out of the gym at about 6.35am, the day is already hot. Hello, Queensland spring/summer. Phew.

Observations about exercise and the gym:

Not drinking alcohol the night before the gym really helps. Funny that.

I can’t understand how people can exercise with heavy jewellery, make up or even with their hair down in a long ponytail. Ugh. I have to scrunch my hair right on the top of my head as it drives me crazy flopping and sweating all over the place. Make up – well, that is just plain weird, especially at 5.30am. Tinkly silver bracelets. Don’t get it. Heavy watches. Don’t get it.

I still don’t think I’m doing push ups and tricep push ups correctly. It just feels wrong. What part of my body is meant to be working? I have no idea. Must Google. Or ask someone. Again.

Cheap gym gear just doesn’t work for me. I wore cheaper pants and a very cheap singlet to Body Balance today, and while it sounds all lovely and gentle, I do sweat in that class. Not so much as other classes, but still... And it was awful. The pants were itchy, hot and the singlet was just riding up and sticking to me. I never imagined I would be such a fan of clothes, underwear and socks that were actually designed for the job they do. That is – soak up sweat, breathe, sit comfortably and move with you. So there you go. Back to Lorna Jane or Running Bare or whatever else I can find. Any suggestions for a good singlet top that is comfortable but not super tight around the stomach area?

It feels good to be doing something positive for my health and my body again.

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