22 January 2012

Fitness inspiration {via Pinterest}

Oh, the gym. I haven't been to the gym for two weeks, and prior to that, just once a week. What happened to my consistency? My four classes a week? No alcohol? I did feel results, I was feeling better in my skin and I was actually kind of enjoying it. I need to get back in to it. And so, today's Pinterest pins are following this theme. Get out of bed and just do it!

This is so, so ridiculously true. I never regret doing it. I do feel huge regret when I don't.

And this - something to hold on to, while I'm in pain, doubting myself,
wondering if it truly is all worth it.

So why is it so damn hard?

This works for me. mornings work. Get it done. No excuses.

Seriously, I know this must be true. But if I can't make 21 days, how will I ever do 12 weeks?
I must change this.

Oh yeah! I have this voice. She's a bitch. She tells me it hurts too much and that I can't do it.
Shut up, pathetic inner voice. I can do it!


Anonymous said...

great pins now if only i would listen to myself *sigh* I am loving the last pin !

Brittonie W said...

I LOVE that last pin! And it's interesting about the 21 days pin too. I must try that! At the moment I have gone 14 days without a drink with sugar in it. I shall keep going!