10 January 2012

Munchy crunchy lunch

We’ve been packing lunch boxes since M started day care about four years ago. We’d created a little routine which had worked well. The kids ate leftovers, sandwiches (not so often) or curries and spaghetti bolognaise which we cooked up in huge batches and froze.

Then day care surprised us – as of January 2nd, they began to supply food for the kids. Everything. We just need to pack a water bottle. It’s just too easy now. No effort. Yes, it does cost more money (not too much though!) and it saves us so much time. We are loving it! However M begins school in less than 2 just a few shorts weeks oh my gosh it’s just 11 days. Lunch box must be packed! And there will be no fridge to store her food in and no microwave to heat her food in. So back to basics it is.

I’m thinking that sandwiches will be the main deal at lunch. I’d like to mix it up a little and hopefully keep it interesting for her.

I’ll use cutters to make sandwich shapes

Pita with homous, salad and meat


Fried rice

Cold pasta salad

Mini pizzas

Borekas and boiled eggs

Sushi rolls

Home made sausage & hidden vegetable rolls w/ tomato sauce

Soup in a thermos for winter

Now, snacks.

Yoghurt covered rice puffs

Soy snacks

Home made muffins. Hmm, must look in to savoury muffin recipes

Home made muesli bars

Crackers, cheese slices, olives and cherry tomatoes

Yoghurts, frozen

Chopped fruit


Fruit on skewers (paddle pop sticks)

Coconut & fruit juice balls

What works for your child’s lunchbox? Do you have any tips or ideas for me?


Anonymous said...

wow. that is an impressive list. i am so not letting my son read that :)) levi is pretty basic when it comes to school lunch. his choice is always an apple or banana for fruit break and a sandwich for recess. i always pack homemade treats but often he returns with them. i am sure it will come together just fine. it is surprising how fast the school day goes. i didn't realise your child starts the school year so soon. we don't start until jan 30. it must be a state by state thing. i am in holiday mode so my mind is not caring for work related things. given my job is in the education sector you would think i would know this. :)) xo.

Anonymous said...

I have found that if you make it too unusual or different from what the other kids have at first that they tend not to eat it. So I usually start with boring old sandwiches and slowly add in different things as they get more bored and prefer something a little different. O never would have thought having something in your lunchbox that the other kids didn't recognise would be an issue! Can't believe they start school in less than 2 weeks Blythe! xx Leia.