30 January 2012

No sugar, baby

For the last few weeks, I have cut down on sugar. All types of sugar, including fructose. That's right - no fruit. I've been reading Sweet Poison and following Sarah Wilson's ebook - I Quit Sugar. I spoke about it here.

I had a couple of slip ups, including three pieces of 70% dark chocolate and a couple of mini muffins. The mini muffins didn't feel good, they were just there and I was so hungry. The chocolate, I felt restrained and I enjoyed each piece.

It has been interesting to really think about and analyze just how much sugar has been present in my diet. My cravings are still there, they sure are. Just last night I was visualising a huge slice of chocolate cake... Mmmm. Instead, I had a bowl of Jalna Biodynamic yoghurt mixed with raw oats and chia seeds. I was still hungry, so I quickly tossed a few slices of haloumi in a pan and snacked on them. Cravings satisfied, and no sugar in sight.

Breakfast -  I've been eating eggs, bacon, mushrooms, avocados, porridge with milk and chia seeds (not all together, obviously!). I've been drinking in green tea with jasmin petals and my new absolute favourite, green tea with roasted rice.

My new favourite crunchy snacks are coconut flakes and raw cashew nuts. I'm loving coconut water - but you have to read the labels! I was caught out with one in a green bottle which was actually only 50% coconut water and the rest was some other crap.

I'm still searching for good recipes to satisfy my intense cravings. I'm imagining some kind of bliss ball incorporating coconut and raw cacao, but almost all the recipes I've been able to source have included dried fruit or dates - high in fructose. Any ideas?

Without realising the whole high fructose/date thing, I made a raw cacao brownie, recipe supplied by a beautiful  cyber friend, Jodi. It was odd, but satisfying at the same time!

Have you thought about how much sugar you eat? A lot? A little? It's a very interesting subject.


Laura said...

Are you allowed stevia and/or agave syrup?
I was thinking maybe nut paste to bind the bliss balls with either of those for a little sweetness without sugar

Blythe said...

Laura, yes to stevia. I'll talk to you about a recipe!