27 January 2012

On the third day of school...

It flooded! That's right, my girl was absent on her third day of school because it rained, it poured and it flooded.

Her first two days at big school were great. She loves it. And you know what? I love it too.. You all asked how I was doing, and to be truthful, I feel great about my girl heading off to school. I didn't cry. I was a little nervous and anxious for her, but I tried so hard to be bright and positive for her. I was a little worried she'd hype right up and it would all just end up all over here, as in... a vomit. She's done it before! I packed for that emergency. But she was so great, and she is just thrilled to be there.

Now on the fourth day of school, she almost didn't go. The rain returned and the creeks and drains flooded again. However, the school sent two texts this morning (love that!) to let us know the school was open so off we went. The class was small but again, she loved it. The teacher also spoke to me about incorporating some of our Israeli culture and heritage in to the classroom, whcih we're excited about.

So, school is great! She looks so grown up in her uniform and I am just so proud that my girl is enjoying this new journey in her life.


Kirsten said...

Lovely to hear that the transition to school has been great for you both! Oh, and how gorgeous dos your little girl look!!!!
Grace starts grade one on Monday (as long as this damn rain stays away!!!)

Jenn said...

You're both gorgeous. I'm so glad she's enjoying herself.