23 January 2012

School girl

Today was her day. The very first day of big school! She woke a few times through the night and was up just after 5am. She was quite calm, but at the same time you could feel her nervous energy. I was slightly worried that this would bubble over and become intense, but she remained quite collected.

On the other hand my darling little boy was very sad. "I wan go big school. I wan go big school." and loads of tears. He was super upset that he didn't get to follow his big sister on this advenutre. I think he understands it a little better now, after a few chats, he's saying "when I five, go to big school!" and holding up ten fingers. Cute. Also cute was instead of saying hello this afternoon when I picked him up from Kindy, he said "I notsy" and pointed to his nose. Meaning, I'm snotsy.

Back to the girl. She was rather quiet on the drive and particularly as we walked through the school gates. She didn't want to stop for a photo there, which is OK, we needed to do what felt right for her. We headed up to her classroom and looked for her name on the name tags. This whole process of finding her name tag, finding where to put her bag, her pillow, her library bag and her water bottle really seemed to help her settle. We went in to her room and met her teachers, then sat down on the mat and read a couple of books. This moved the focus of her energy and soothed her. Next was a trip to the toilet, helping her find her way then asking her to lead us back to her classroom.

She sat on the mat with the other kids, we gave her a few last kisses and then the bell rang. School was on! We waved and said goodbye and she happily sat and looked around, not looking for us but rather taking in her new environment. And that was it. Our girl began school.

I picked her up this afternoon and she was happy. She loves big school and she had a great day! I loved listening to her little tales and stories, the rules she learned and the activities she enjoyed. Here's to tomorrow, hoping her school days are just as sweet.


Lauren said...

Oh, big day for you all! How did it go? How did it go?

Peta said...

I'm so glad it went well for her. It's a big thing that starting a school business. My middle one tarts next Wednesday. He is not keen for it at all, so it might be tough.

How did YOU go? Starting school is big for the mums too, especially for your first.