3 January 2012

She is going to school

Not only is it exciting, scary and amazing that she is going to school in less than a month, I have realised I have to get quite a few bits and pieces organised. (Um, now freaking out because I started this post quite a while ago and now there are only 20 days to go.)

I have sorted through her name labels and have ordered some new stick on labels. Pink, of course. I have enough iron on labels for uniforms. (OK, I still haven't used the packet I bought three years ago when she started Kindy!)

Wash uniforms and iron on those labels!

Buy school shoes, socks, bag and drink bottles. Maybe a new lunch box.

Buy hair bands and clips in school colours.

Pay fees and resource costs.

Find a really good non-greasy sunscreen, preferrably roll on or stick variety for her school bag.

Label everything I haven't already labelled. Bag tag.

Try to arrange a catch up with her dear friends from Kindy who have finished up.

Confirm after school care arrangements.

Note down important school dates in calender.

Anything I have forgotten? Do you have any tips for me? For her? I found some great ideas via The Organised Housewife for back to school organisation. She has an excellent checklist here.


Michelle said...

How exciting for you, ok and bloody scary too! Lots of smiles and I'm sure she will be fine :)

Lauren said...

Plan a cup of coffee or manicure with a girlfriend for yourself after you drop her off!

Blythe said...

Thanks girls! Lauren, good idea. I'm thinking about taking the whole day off anyway so I might sneak a treat or some pampering in there!

Jodi said...

Is she excited Blythe? We bought Amy's school shoes for her yesterday and she only (grudgingly) agreed to take them off to sleep last night as long as she could wear them all day today, lol.

Blythe said...

She's super excited, Jodi!