16 January 2012

Simplify life :: values

As part of the 52 weeks to simplify your life process, Deb challeged us to identify our core values. I have to admit, this process was difficult for me. I avoided it. I found it really ... yuk. Uncomfortable. All the more reason to dig deeper, right? So here's part of the process I went through, with prompts as given in this post.

What do you like to do? – The things you find yourself immersed in fully and happily.

I love to read. I become so completely immersed in reading that I can tune out the world. This can be both a good and a bad trait, as my family can sometimes feel that I am ignoring them. I love reading because I love to sink myself in another world, I love to learn about new ideas, opinions, ways of looking at, experiencing and living life. I love fiction, non-fiction. I love to read.

Who and what inspires you? – Go deeper and think about why. What speaks to you when you think about those things and people?

Generally, the people who inspire me are creative. Or they run their own business. They're people who do, who actually jump in and create their dream or their life. I admire their passion. Creativity. Energy. Intent.

What do you feel strongly about in life? – What things would you defend fully in an argument with other people?

I feel strongly about acceptance of all opinions and ways of life. I try not to be judgmental.

I feel strongly about women being accepted as complete, whole and equivalent members of society. I acknowledge the differences but I strongly feel that women hold a place in our world which is of equal importance and value to men.

I feel strongly about providing children with a solid foundation to life. Health in utero, natural birth if possible, breastfeeding if possible, calm and positive experiences, healthy food, nourishing children mentally, physically and emotionally.

When you close your eyes and visualise the person you want to be (free from anyone else’s influence) what stands out to you? How does that “future you” act? What do they believe in?

I see myself as a deliberate, playful parent. I see myself as financially comfortable (that is, not necessarily "rich" but comfortable, worry free and able to move ahead). Loving myself. Feeling confident and creative. Believing in myself. Doing my dreams.

What are you dead set against in life? Identifying your anti-values can reveal something you are passionate about that you can define in positive value terms. (example: knowing you are 100% against war and conflict brings you to a possible value of peaceful or pacifist or non-violence)

I am against violence. I am against judging people based on their beliefs, religion and race.


From these prompts, I identified several value words that stand out for me.
Growth. Learning. Dream. Open mindedness. Family.
Self development. Acceptance. Sensitivity. Fairness. Integrity.
I am finding it extremely difficult to pin down words that suit me and my values. I really am not sure what my values are. I feel uncomfortable writing about my self, so very, very self concious. This is going through my head - what if I choose a word and someone reads it and thinks, no, I really cannot see that in Blythe? It's difficult to peel these layers away and to be truthful about myself. However, in her post, Deb says "This is where it is time to get to the core of who you are as an individual". This is about me. This blog is all about my life, my loves and all the stuff along the way, just as it says right up the top there, under my banner.
So, my top five.

What are your values? Do they come to mind straight away? Or are you challeneged when you have to peel back, dig down to find your self?


Lyndal said...

I love that you looked the challenge square in the eye and tackled it... and you did so well! It can be an uncomfortable process, but you came across very clearly particularly in what you stand for and feel strongly about :)

kreategirl said...

I loved reading about your process of defining your values. It may have been a challenging process but you have come through and identified some really fantastic values as a result.