9 January 2012

Simplify life

I didn't write any intentions or make any resolutions for 2012. I didn't reflect on the year that had passed, as I have done in previous years. I felt I wanted to honour the year passing in some way, and I also wanted to look forward with intent and deliberate thinking. I came across this beautifully inspiring post about simplifying your life. There, that is what I needed to do!

What energised me?

Moving back in to my old job, which I love, with people I enjoy working with. Working four days, giving me more time with my children.

Getting to the gym regularly. I attended classes at 5.30am many days of 2011 and I saw and felt results. It felt good. I even felt really good some days!

Not drinking alcohol for three months. I was so proud of myself and the fact I felt clear headed and slept more soundly.

What made me feel happy?

Watching my children blossom.

Travel. Mini holidays.

My 20 year high school  reunion. So much fun, such positive and joyful energy!

Beach mornings.

What positive people lifted me up?

My husband is the one person who supports me. He lifts me up.

My amazing friend L invigorates me, supports my parenting style and inspires me with her own parenting style and approach to living a  natural life.

Mothers Group friends. They are always there to share, support, laugh and talk.

What worked to bring your family together?

Travelling together and working as a family team to enjoy our trip. Huge, long long haul flights, fast transfers and jet lag could have made us miserable but we made the absolute best of it and we relied on each other. We laughed.

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my healthy little family. Their unconditional love, their morning cuddles and their laughter. I’m grateful that I have been given the privilege of having children.

I'm looking forward to this year and all it brings.


Anonymous said...

this post was a lovely read. cheers to a great year! xo

Lyndal said...

it sounds like you had a great year! Good on you for making the time to look after yourself - being at the gym at 5:30am is no mean feat, neither is giving up alcohol for three months!

Lauren said...

I loved the way you looked back at your year! It sounds like your family is really poised for great things (and great lunches!) in 2012!

rebecca said...

love this thankful list.

Deb @ home life simplified said...

Great reflections on 2011 - i am also impressed with the 530 gym sessions- i am toying with the idea a couple of days a week now - i have been waking early anyway (5-6am)naturally and some days i can't get back to sleep. Welcome to the challenge!