5 January 2012

Sugar, baby

Before pregnancy did strange things to my body, I lived without chocolate. Truly, I didn’t eat much chocolate. I never really bought chocolate. The odd Cherry Ripe bar would fall in to the shopping trolley, the occasional slice of chocolate cake for dessert at a restaurant. I was really a savoury girl. As in, I could eat a box of Pizza Shapes in one sitting.

Then pregnancy hit. My body (or my mind?) said GIVE ME JUNK FOOD. So I did. A Cherry Ripe a day. Oops. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in both my full term pregnancies and I although I’ve been given the all clear for the moment, I have a very high chance of getting Type 2 diabetes down the track.

Which is a pity, as my body (or my mind?) continues to crave chocolate. Sweet foods. I turned to baking. Cookies. Cakes. Brownies. Whole blocks of dark chocolate in a day. I CRAVE sweet. Oh, I know it is not good. I’m so, so terrible that I’ll sneak a piece row few rows of dark chocolate before an afternoon nap on the weekend. I’ll wake and eventually look at myself in the mirror. Chocolate on my face. In the sheets. I sound like an addict, right?

Time to turn it around. I’ve been noticing the sugar “thing” around. A girlfriend has spoken about it quite a bit. I read Sweet Poison by David Gillespie early last year. Then I found Sarah Wilson’s blog. I’ve written about her previously and there it was again. Sugar. In my face. Timely. And time to experiment. Cut back, pare down on what I’m really eating. I bought Sarah’s ebook and I borrowed Sweet Poison again from the library.

At the same time, I’ve had a little think about numbers. The numbers that we find in so much of our processed food. Scary numbers that truly, we should avoid if we can. I’ve printed out this list of food additives, colours and preservatives. I’ve rifled through our pantry and I feel a little bit sick. Even our olive spread (margarine) has a scary colour in it, annatto.

Time to look at our choices and our health. Reduce sugar intake and actually look at the food we’re eating.


Jodi said...

Blythe, I haven't tried this yet, but as soon as school/kindy go back, I'm going to start trying some raw food recipes. I'm told this is a really good one:

Raw Brownies (Raw = raw foods, not cooked or processed. There are alternate options which make it not raw or not vegan, but it's up to you!)

1C Walnuts, Cashews or Almonds (If almonds, put them in a jar or bowl of water and pop them in the fridge overnight. I store mine in the fridge like this, it keeps them fresh and also washes away anything yuck. They shouldn't sprout or anything, and taste even yummier when juicy!)
1C Dates - I prefer Medjool Dates, but they are more expensive
1/3C Cacao powder, OR Cocoa powder

Process all ingredients together in a food processor until the consistency of potting mixture(ie small pieces, but not fully ground). Press into a square cake pan/brownie pan.


1 Avocado
40ml Agave or honey
2 Tbs Cacao powder or Cocoa powder
2tsp Vanilla extract
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon

Blend all ingredients together, in a blender or food processor(a stick blender with attachable bowl is perfect for this!). Spread over brownies. Freeze brownies for minimum 1hr, then cut and eat straight from the freezer. Keep the leftovers in the freezer and eat when you're ready!

It doesn't make heaps, but it's SO rich and lovely you wont eat the whole thing, plus if you do - there is no sugar or nasties like regular brownies!

Juliet said...

excuse me but if you read Sweet Poison you'll get a real expose on fructose. And Agave nectar is pretty much ALL fructose. That's the stuff that amps up your appetite and cravings. Honey and sugar are only a bit less bad. You MUST try getting fructose levels REALLY low for a few weeks to START seeing how life could be. Read David Gillespie and find out why. The Biochem chapter may daunt you, but give it a shot, and test some version of his advice. I did and I finally am losing weight very steadily and sanely. With no cravings.

Kate Sins said...

I stopped eating sugar a few months ago and although I haven't lost any weight I feel fantastic. Occasionally i'll cave and eat something with sugar and all it does is prove how addictive the stuff is. Usually I don't crave it at all now.

Good on you, it's so worth it.

Blythe said...

Jodi, I just tried this recipe. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the reminder about agave and honey, Juliet. I'm re-reading Sweet Poison now, so I'll have to look in to what else I can use. Kate, I can feel how addicted I am - my mouth waters when I'm at the supermarket, I have to physically restrain myself. Looking forward to getting rid of those feelings!