14 January 2012

A trip to the pool

It's summer, finally. Ahhh. It's up and down, but we've had a handful of very hot days recently. We had planned to hang out at the rockpools on the Broadwater with friends last week, but they were closed, so we headed off to the actual pool. What's a summer without a visit to the pool?

We've been quite lazy with swimming lessons for the kids. We stopped lessons a long time ago (hmm, over a year ago actually) as O was constantly sick. To be honest, we were also a bit sick of swimming lessons. However, I've really noticed that M is not as confident or skilled in the water as her little friends. She loves the water, but she's lost that water confidence and actual swimming skills. We spend so much time in the water that she needs those skills, as does O. So we've booked back in, this time at a different pool. That's where you'll find us on weekend mornings now!

O sitting in the shade at the pool, snacking and  "smiling". That kid is just too funny.

Have you been hanging out at the pool this summer?

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Anonymous said...

these are wonderful photos. how cute is O and his big smile. we haven't started swimming lessons with penny yet. she is pretty confident in the water though. when levi was young he was constantly sick in the water from lessons so we ended up giving it a miss. he is now 12, can swim and very confident too. it probably helped with all the practice he got from spending so much time at his nan & pops house in there pool. good luck with the new lessons. have a lovely weekend. xo.