24 January 2012

What's for dinner?

So, back to menu planning. Are you eating anything delecious and new these days? We need some new ideas!

Prawns w/ a lemon, chilli, capers and butter sauce on spaghetti
Lasagne w/ ricotta & fetta instead of bechemel sauce
Rice paper rolls w/ chicken and prawn & pork wontons
Lamb burger on Turkish bread w/ kumera chips
Bacon & eggs w/ vegies
Pasta marinara
Kangaroo steak, corn and salad


Michelle said...

A great variety there - and even some roo steak on the menu I'm impressed, and it will be a lot cheaper to make it at home than what they charge at the restaurants for it!

Lauren said...

Can you guys get chorizo sausage over there? We do burritos with chorizo and potatoes (and avocado) almost weekly...my family loves them! You could use any sausage, but the chorizo is nice and spicy!

Anonymous said...

hi blythe. how are you? i just wanted to let you know penny's shoes are by walnut melbourne. i have left a reply for you over on the post. hope all is going well for your girl at school. xo

Blythe said...

@Michelle, we love kangaroo steak and yes, it is so cheap, especially compared to a restaurant!
@Lauren, yes, chorizo is pretty easy to buy here, we use ita bit in risottos, gumbo, home made pizzas... yum!
@MamaJots, thanks, Veronica! I'll check Walnuts out!