19 February 2012

Dreaming of beach style {via Pinterest}

I've spoken about this before, the fact that I thought I didn't have a particular style. A style at home, I style that I dreamed of for my home. Then I thought a little, and I realised that I do have a style that I would love to surround myself in, a style that I aspire to. I spoke about that here. More beauty, more pins, more beachy, coastal, airy, lightness. Blues.

1. What a view!
2. Blue glass bottles
3. Beach glass
4. To relax on this deck!
5. Simple but beautiful
6. I really do adore succulents.
7. Gorgeous chandelier

Joining in with Tina Gray {dot} me, piquing her Pinterest today!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I want one of those capiz chandeliers so bad, can't find them here in Perth anywhere :(