14 February 2012

Ducks on Friday

I'm so enjoying Fridays with my littlest man. He loves walking M in to big school, and he peers eagerly in to her classroom. "I go big school too, Mum?" He's a little sad and quiet as we say goodbye to her and several times throughout the day, he asks where she is.

We then go off on our own adventures. We play in the park. We visit the cool toy shop and we sit for ages playing on the train table and looking at the fish. My attention is purely on him. We buy a little treat. "Sparkly cupcake, Mum", a little cupcake with sprinkles. He chooses a DVD and watches it peacefully, with no big sister brawls and interuptions. He fights his afternoon sleep - being awake is too much fun!

He's super excited to pick M up from school. We pack our bread crusts and off we go to feed the ducks in one of the canals close to our home. The kids love it. The goose freaks me out. It's taller than M and man, it honks. It's huge! No photos of the goose, I was too busy holding my camera, bags, bread and kids out of the goose path!

Oh, I love her socks. She did this herself. Do you remember rolling down your school socks?

He likes to throw whole pieces of bread. Poor ducks!

I can see that we're going to enjoy these Fridays.
Planning days and activities that the boy will enjoy, and scooping the girl up in the afternoon for more moments together.

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