1 February 2012

More about sugar

So, why did I decide to experiment and ditch sugar, even fruit? Well, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes through the pregnancies of both children. I was cleared of diabetes after each birth, however I have a 50% chance of getting type 2 diabetes within the next 20 years. Add to this, my ridiculous sweet tooth which kicked during my first pregnancy and just never went away. Rather, it intensified. Despite the threat of diabetes, I've been gorging on chocolate. Simply gorging, daily.

When I pulled back and took out the sugar from my food intake, I was struck down with a severe headache for a week. I ended up in bed for a day or so, suffering from this crippling headache. Other parts of me weren’t so happy either. I needed to get rid of this build up and this daily “need” for sugar.

I didn’t suffer too much, although as I mentioned, I did have intense cravings. When I did give in to the cravings, I had two different reactions. If I ate a piece of crap, like milky chocolate or a sugary muffin, I didn’t enjoy it. What a waste of sugar. The quality dark chocolate last week and then the fondant I had last night (oh yes, I did!), now those I enjoyed and savoured. They were so good and I didn’t feel guilty. I stopped. I didn’t continue to gorge and binge.

I feel more in control of my eating, my eyes have been opened to just how much sugar I truly was eating. Then it filters through to my family. Sugar has sneaked in and it’s time to pull back and seriously take that sugar out of our house.

I’m not saying I’m not going to eat fruit ever again, or that I’m not going to eat chocolate again (Ha ha! As if!). But what I am saying is that there are foods that I am enjoying instead of the products that do have loads of sugar in them, and I hope that eating less sugar will help my body stay well and strong.

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