27 February 2012


Just like millions of homes around the world, mornings are little crazy and just a bit stressful at our house. Even though we generally iron on Sunday nights or the night before, and we prepare our fruit, snacks and even cut up the sandwich stuff for lunches, mornings are still hard.

I get a few moments of sitting down time (usually I apply my eye make up and read a few blogs at the same time) but mostly it is just game on for those couple of hours. I make my porridge and I eat it standing up while making sandwiches, making whatever food will be rejected by the kids that morning, packing last minute "dry" snacks for lunch boxes, preparing dinner, and hanging a load of washing and then Itay leaves. He helps in all this, don't worry, he's not sitting on his bum the whole time!

Then it's my turn to shower and so the kids don't kill each other and I can shower in relative peace, the TV often goes on. Then my kids turn to lumps of impenetrable, unmoving dough. I have my quickie shower and then shove a bit more breakfast and green tea in. Dress the boy, remind M to put her uniform on about ten times. No exaggeration. Do her hair. Remind her to eat. Remind her to put her socks on. Repeat.

Brush their teeth. Wash their faces. Begin to give warnings, we're leaving soon. Finish my hair, get dressed, brush my teeth. Take M's lunch box and drink bottles out of the fridge at the last minute, pack bags, shoes on the boy. More warnings that we are leaving. Does anyone need to go to the toilet? Bags in to the car. Come on kids!

Last minute requests for inappropriate food like crackers, frozen peas, ice blocks. Last minute "I want to take this for show and tell" and O will usually take his shoes off. Then he'll climb in to his car seat, and straight back out. I'm so frustrated by this point that I can hardly speak. Arghhhhhh.

Mornings. What are they like at your place?

Vegemite all over his face, green pen all over his hands.
Luckily he is cute.


Michelle said...

Without kiddies I'm up and gone in 30 mintues ... coffee made by my partner each morning for me, shower, dress, hair & makeup done and I'm out the door!

Peta said...

On my work days we are up and out the door at 710am. Needless to say its crazy with two schoolies and a daycare kid to organise!

There is definately no 'sitting down' for me. I am lucky to even get breaky at home some mornings, despite my best intentions.

Blythe said...

Ooh Michelle, I used to be like that, pre-kids. So nice! Peta, I have no idea how you do that with three kids. Huge achievement every single day.