2 February 2012

My baby boy


His eyes have turned from brilliant, sky blue to green and are now very similar to mine, with a ring of yellow around his irises.
His speech is beginning to blossom and while he can be quite difficult to understand, he really is much more vocal and expressive. He says some cute and funny things, as all kids do! Hodilay instead of holiday, banklet instead of blanket. His best little mate’s name is Maurice, but O calls him “Aurice”, without the M. My heart just sighs each time he says these cute things. He says hilarious things like “I will. I can. I do” about... almost anything he really wants to do. He calls me BBBBBBBB Blyyyyyyyyyyyyythe.  So funny.

He still sucks his thumb.
He’s still a little tiny thing. He weighs just over 12kg and a few of his little shorts are size 0, though generally he is in size 1. He may just graduate to size 2 for some winter clothing!

He has basically toilet trained himself. We really have not put any effort in at all, the kid does it all himself. The house will go quiet and I’ll find him on the toilet, reading a book and doing a poo. He no longer wears a pull up during his day sleep and while he does wear one at night, he has woken us a few times to ask for helping doing a pee. Only once has he gone in his pull up, and he kept saying “did a wee wee in my bed Mummy”, although he hadn’t, it was just in his pull up. He was quite sick that night (croup) so all in all, he’s just so amazing! We’re considering taking his pull up off at night to see how that goes, it would lovely to have it done before winter and colder nights hit.
He loves sport. He loves to watch tennis, cricket and football. He loves to play his version of all these sports and he is so adept with a ball, it’s amazing! He’s going to start playing soccor at Kindy, he begged to do it. Pease, pease play soccor? PEASE Mummy, PEASE. he doesn't get the ball sport thing from either of us, although Itay is in to tennis!

He loves the water, he loves playing in the pool or at the beach. We started back at swimming lessons last weekend and he simply adored it! The teacher called him a water baby, he was just so happy in the water. Love this!
He wakes up between 5 and 5.30am and comes in to our room, snuggles in between us. He then kicks, talks, squirms, tries to play with our phones, brings puzzles in to the bed, books, balls... and then we get up. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5.05am (for the first time in forever!) and went in to our bathroom to get ready. The little boy was in our bed, sleeping. Sleeping! He never, ever does that! Itay was watching him and we looked at each other in disbelief. He actually slept for another hour in our bed. Amazing!

He loves books and reading. His favourite book is Dig Dig Digging and we have read it so many times that he can actually “read” it himself now. So ridiculously cute to hear him recite it! (I highly recommend this book for any little boys who love diggers, tractors etc, uses repetition, rhyming and a nice little “go to sleep” message at the end.) We can often find him sitting quietly in his room reading his books.
He loves anything with wheels. I think I mentioned the worst parenting decision we’ve made, back at Christmas? I got him a little skateboard. He adores this thing, even though it’s a “sitting down” skateboard. It’s terrifying! Motorbikes, push bikes, skateboards, tractors, trucks – they all stop him in his tracks. Loves, loves, loves things on wheels!

Food. O has been a hit and miss little guy with food. He doesn’t eat much and he’s reasonably picky. I think he’s improved quite a bit but he can still have BIG moments about food. At the beginning of the year, Kindy began to provide food, so now all we pack is O’s water bottle. It turns out the he is almost always eating all of the food provided and quite often he is one of the very few who are doing so. We think he likes to show off at Kindy! He is beginning to try new foods a little more easily which I’ve been very impressed with. His favourite foods are pasta (specifically spaghetti), rice, the plainer the better, chips (ho hum), strawberries, pretty much any junk food. He won’t eat many raw salad vegies at all, although we put them on his plate every.single.night. If we give him steamed carrots, peas, corn, he loves them. I can’t believe I allowed the kids to become so addicted to Nutrigrain for breakfast, but I did. Sigh. When I began to go crazy about sugar, we didn’t buy anymore. M has yet to figure out what she will eat easily for breakfast, but O loves my porridge.

My sweet, darling boy. He’s just so... boy. I love him so. His laugh is ridiculously infectious and he laughs a lot. Sweetest sound ever. He’s divine.

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