18 February 2012

Natural colour

I've spoken previously about my recent mission to reduce the additives, colours and preservatives in our diet. Another example popped up today. M has asked for a few different items in her lunch box lately, and in an attempt to make lunch a little more interesting for her, we decided pikelets might be nice.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to look for a recipe and make them, so Itay bought some from Woolies and I planned to make some over the weekend. Now these pikelets have the colour 161b in them - annatto. This is a natural food colouring, adding yellow colour to foods. Read about annatto here. Some kids and adults ahve had horrible reactions to annatto, even though it is a natural additive.

I'm a bit embarrassed, as pikelets are just pancakes with sugar in them, and smaller. I can do that!

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Peta said...

160b annatto is nasty! And it's in soooo many foods! I find that it can have huge impact on my kids so I really try avoid it for them - I have to stick to particular brands of yoghurt and ice cream in particular, and avoid custard at all costs.

Annatto and sunset yellow would be my main two nasties I think.

What yoghurt brand do you choose?