16 February 2012

Oh, the hair.

A few days before Christmas, I had my hair cut. With very little thought or preparation, I had it cut shorter than it has been in years. It went from half way down my back, touching my bra strap, to above my shoulders, with a fringe.

Here's me before the chop. Please note, this photo was taken very shortly after my hair had been cut and styled, the previous hair cut. It didn't look like this every day! It was also much longer when I had it chopped.

And then here's the after, chopped short, with a fringe. Now I look at that photo and think it looks lovely. I kinda does. But that day was the only day it looked like that. I hate blow drying my hair and I can never ever style my fringe that way. I just don't seem to possess the skills!

 {I think I may be wearing the same top in both photos!}

I can see that the fringe does actually seem to suit me, now I see those photos together. It make my forehead look less, well, huge. But truly I detest this hair on my head at the moment. Are there any magic fixes? I never wear my hair out now, my fringe is always (always) pinned back and I hate how short it is. Ugh! It is amazing just how much a lack of hair confidence can affect your daily life. First world issues, I know!


Michelle said...

Gawjus! I love the fringe it suits you :)

rosie76 said...

Blythe, I have you thought of using a straightener. I love it - wash your hair the night before and then just straighten it in the morning.

Lauren said...

I think the fringe suits you! But! I feel your pain in the hair-styling department. I'm no good at it either. Maybe patience while it grows?