28 February 2012

On Sunday...

We woke up to streams on sunshine through the curtains and I was surprised. Hadn't it been bucketing rain through the night and all through Saturday? We spent the morning in limbo, not quite knowing what to do. Ideas of visiting the Gallery of Modern Art is Brisbane were shot down. The kids were begging for the pool. We wandered about, slowly and not moving forward with any ideas. In the end, it was easiest to head to the pool. 

Then we went out to grab lunch and had burgers at Grill'd. Love this place. The kids adore the brown cardboard boxes, the fat fries, the juice boxes and the colouring pencils. We love the panini and the yummy burgers, the Moroccan lamb is my favourite.

We tried out our old PFD vest on O, but he hated it and cried in true terror when we tried to show him how he floated in in. On the other hand, M hadn't seen her vest in almost a year and she was loving it. Much concentration was required to put it on and off all by herself.

She was crazily excited by this lady bug.

O was loving the kids pool. I also love the expression on Itay's face in this photo! 

After being in limbo, the pool, lunch, a quick trip to the shops and some bargains for next summer, we had a great morning. I even managed to sneak in a short nap. Love it!

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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