2 February 2012


At the beginning of January (I know, I know!), Itay and I ventured out on a real date. We dropped the kids off at daycare together, drove to work together. Wooo, fun! Rare!

My mum picked the kids up, gave them dinner, bathed them and put them to bed. Meanwhile, Itay and I headed up to Brisbane, to watch a couple of matches of tennis in the Brisbane Open.

We saw Bernard Tomic win, which was great, considering we were pretty much his "home" crowd.

We saw Andy Murray play, which was really interesting, as he's in the top ten ranked players in the world.

It was just so relaxing to sit quietly in the car with Itay, to walk with just him, to discuss where to park with just him, to enjoy a passion of his with him, my husband. Even if the seats were hard and it hurt my bum.

Hmm, that is, until at 8.54pm (late!!) I saw a missed call and a text from Mum. The kids were still awake and O was throwing a huge tantruam, M was sitting on the lounge with her hands over her ears saying "I can't listen to him". Man, those kids are hard work sometimes, and not just for us!

A couple of phone calls and texts later, they were asleep. Phew! My poor mum. Itay and I had a great outing together and I wished that I'd booked tickets to go to the final with him a few days later. Next year I will. I'll take cushion for my bum though.

Loved date night!

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