23 February 2012

Sunday with friends

Ahh, summer days, drifting away... Love Sundays in the sun. We met our darling friends L, J and E at Pottsville on Sunday for beach time and a picnic. We flopped about in the warm water at the river mouth, watched the kids (who played together so well!) and chatted. We caught up on news, shared stories and just generally enjoyed the company of beautiful friends. It was so relaxing.

After just enough time in the sun, we moved back in to the park, under the shade of the paperbark trees and had a little picnic.

The kids did a little loving. Aren't they just ridiculously sweet? O just adores E. Each time we visit her, he is so sad to leave her company. He falls asleep in the car or after she leaves and the moment he wakes he calls out for her and wants to go back and play some more. He just loves her so!

It was such a blissful Sunday, we're going to do it again very soon.

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