10 February 2012

What's for dinner?

This week, we're having:

Chermoula prawns (Yes, I know, we had it last week too. So good!)
BBQ at the beach
Pasta marinara
Sausage risoni
Homemade pizza

Feeling uninspired today. Must snap out of that!

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Laura said...

I keep meaning to list my dinners and forget. Here are some we have had in the last few weeks in no particular order.
-Laksa with fish balls and tempeh
-Beef Rendang ,veg and rice
-Egg and bacon pie
-Baked pumpkin and semolina gnocchi with sage burnt butter
-Vego and sausage rolls
-Spaghetti with red wine, silverbeet, tomato and sausage
-Braised lamb with cous cous
-Roasted pumpkin and goat cheese pizza
-Potato and fresh salmon(instead of tinned) patties w. cucumber, lemon and avocado salsa and salad
-Curried pumpkin soup with fresh damper
- Pappadelle pasta with roasted pumpkin, peas, haloumi and basil

Thats all I can remember right now. Will add more if I think of them.
Yes there is a lot of pumpkin based meals but we have a hell of a lot of pumpkin to use!