26 March 2012

Beach session

I know, I know. Every week I seem to post pictures of us at the beach. Well, I guess that's just what we do. The beach is our place. Our happy, family place. The rain has been on and off for the last week or two (or three) and so on Saturday morning when the sun was shining through, we packed up and headed to the out. It was a little windy but so, so gorgeous. The beach had a particular scent on Saturday, a mixture of sunscreen, BBQ and sunshine that was just so blissful.

O needs new swimming stuff before next summer. We wear our swimmers hard and the elastic is popping through all over this rash shirt, so that it is almost dress length!

Counting to ten. One, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nineteen, eleven!

Showing Aba his counting fingers.

She is so enjoying this concept of reading, writing and letters. She did a brilliant job writing all over the beach in both Hebrew and English with her "pens", crazy sea plants that looked like quills.

We love the beach. I make myself jump in every single time we go to the beach, no matter how cold it is. I just adore that feeling of immersing myself in the water, the freedom of swimming under water, the burst of air as you pop up out of the water. I love it. Hate sand though!

Oh, I'll miss summer.


Michelle said...

Got to make the most of the beach days the seasons will change pretty soon :)

Blythe said...

The water is becoming colder, the kids didn't want to go in the water last weekend!