9 March 2012

Boy at the beach

A couple of Fridays ago was Dr Seusss' birthday. I'm sure it was no coincidence that our local library was hosting a Dr Seuss story session. I've been to these sessions before and while they're fun, they involve loads of parents and kids squished in to a room and I'm really not sure it was something that O would like. Also, it was a glorious day.

We headed to beach instead. My little guy was thrilled - he simply loved being at the quiet beach, with only a few other kids and older people splashing around. We played, he surfed and no way was I allowed to help him do anything. We built castles. We packed away as a religious man assured me my son wouldn't be bitten by jellyfish or bluebottles if I believed in the bible.

O assured me he would be happy (which means not crying) when we had a beach shower. he normally screams - but he kept his word this time! We had a snack in the shade and he chased seagulls. He pulled a few daredevil tricks on the playground equipment.

Lunch time and we treated ourselves to Sushi train. he scoffed down his gyoza and miso soup and it was such a delight just to hang out with my little boy, watch him and only him, answer all his questions and just absorb him. he watched his favourite Fireman Sam while I finished the damn shopping list, and then, he fell asleep. Even though he says "I'm not tired" and it was only 20 minutes until we had to pick M up.

It was just so blissful to revel in one child, in my boy who has always shared me with his sister. Love him so.

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Deb @ home life simplified said...

Gosh that sounds like my perfect day 9and my kids hate the beach shower too). That last picture just melts my heart xx