28 March 2012

Eating intuitively

Ooh, I'm so confused. You know I read a lot, right? I think I've read too many health/fitness/diet books. They've confused me with all the different approaches. I've read the Dukan diet, Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar, Paleo, Jillian Michaels, Michelle Bridges... I'm confused!

OK, I'm going to look at this situation slightly differently. What has worked for me in the past? What has worked physically, and what has worked mentally?

It makes sense to me to eat less sugar. I know I eat too much sugar, that I have what I'd almost call an addiction to sugar, in the form of chocolate and alcohol.

It makes sense to me that low fat products are actually not great. They're often high in sugar.

Additives. I believe that we need to eat clean, as much as possible.

I feel that too much wheat is not good for my body.

Most protein bars, most protein drinks and some powders are not good for my stomach. Let's just say it produces a lot of odour.

I know my portion sizes are too large. I know that I have huge issues with stopping, I know I gorge myself. A whole block of chocolate, a whole box of crackers. I just cannot have certain foods around me or I eat them, all of it, whatever it is.

I do not do well with writing down what I eat, counting calories or points or saying OK, I'm allowed to have this and this today, but not that.

I feel best when I eat protein, vegies and a little bit of carbs. I know I need to eat breakfast before about 7am. I know I need to eat regularly or I start to fade, feel grey and irrational.

This is what I know, think and feel. Time to eat clean, and intuitively.

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Kelly said...

It's all very confusing isn't it. I love my sugar and would find it almost impossible to give it up.