27 March 2012

Emergency plan - do you have one?

At 2am, the smoke detector went crazy. Those things are SO. LOUD. Both Itay and I jumped up and ran to the hallway where the detector is located. I switched on our bedroom light as I ran past, shut O's door and  Itay grabbed a chair, then managed to pull the little gadget off the ceiling. We ran to the kitchen, I turned the light on and Itay managed to snatch the battery out. Silence. Amazingly, neither of the kids woke up, even though the detector is situated just outside O's door. Huh? How do they do that, yet wake up if an imaginary spider is walking across a wall? meanwhile, my heart was pounding crazily and Itay looked so startled!

We both did laps of the house, sniffing, checking switches and electricty outlets, obvious fire hazards like the oven, iron... You get the idea. No smoke or fire to be seen or smelt.

I lay in bed afterwards, unable to fall asleep easily. My mind drifted to the thought of a real fire in our home. I have to say - we're not at all prepared. Our passports, birth certificates and precious photos are not stored together. We have no fire extinguisher, no fire blanket and we haven't really spoken to the kids about what to do in an emergency. I'm embarrassed to admit that we don't have contents insurance.

Not good, right? We need to get on to it. Make a plan. Do you have an emergency plan in your household? How do you store your important documents?


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh that is so scary. Glad it was just a false alarm. I don't have a plan but maybe I should - definatley something to think about

Kelly said...

Did you ever found out why the alarm went off? that would scary the pants off me. umm no we don't have an emergency plan either, must look into that.

Blythe said...

I went off again the other night - it must be the battery. And I MUST get on to that insurance.