7 March 2012

Farewell, dear sleep

My boy is the sweetest little sleeper and has been since he was born. But in the last couple of weeks, my baby has begun to refuse his daytime sleep. I'm devastated. Most parents would agree that the day time sleep can be a sanity saver. That quiet time when you can close your own eyes (I'm a big fan of this!), or have a quiet lunch, read a book, work or do a bit of preparation for dinner, write the shopping list... The ways I utilised this time were endless!

I'll be honest, my absolute favourite way to enjoy the afternoon nap was to... have an afternoon nap too. I simply adore the afternoon nap and I always have. Itay and the kids don't agree with me, and I know Itay is thrilled that we no longer have to work around O's nap.

My little babies are growing up. Bye bye, day sleeps. I'll miss you, so very much.

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