16 March 2012

Fridays with my boy

Now that my little guy is not sleeping during the day, I need a plan. OK, he needs to sleep, but he doesn't want to. I ask gently, and if he says no, I don't push it.

Anyway, our Fridays used to go something like this: 9.30am -11.30am was our playgroup/mothers group time. I've been meeting up with this beautiful group since M was just under four months old. We do a huge variety of activities. For a while there we hired a hall and organised activities, themes, cooking, dancing, stories. It was great. We have met at the beach, parks, gardens, playgrounds, indoor play cafes, each other's houses, the pool, the library for story time and shows, Playschool shows, movies, birthday and Christmas parties...

Then we headed home and had lunch. M and O would sleep, and then just O. M was happy to watch a movie, do craft activities and generally play quietly while I did my thing. Afternoons involved various activities at home, sometimes grocery shopping, trips to the library or the park. Sometimes we'd just drop all plans and head to Brisbane or down the coast to visit friends.

Now. O doesn't sleep, so I need to get a little bit more organised about planning activities that he is going to enjoy. To be honest, we haven't attempted much (if any) craft, cutting, pasting, painting type play with O. He's a little destruction man and so it has been very difficult to do with both the kids together. So I think now is the time for him to be offered these activities. I've sourced some truck/construction colouring pages for him. I'll set up the easel outside for him with some paints. What else would he like?

He loves anything dirty, silly and naughty. Anything with balls. Wheels. Water. Sticks. Trucks. Bikes. Hmm, that doesn't sound arty crafty at all, does it? I'll have to have a think.

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