19 March 2012

The girl

"Why are you holding my hand, Mummy?"
"Because I like to, bubsy. I love holding your hand. Is that OK?"
"Yes, Mum."

I had a "get to know you" interview with M's teachers earlier in the term. They mentioned they had read back over our comments from the initial interview we had last year (prior to school starting) in prepation for this interview. At that time we noted that M can be highly emotional and volatile at home. We also pointed out that only a very, very few times had she shown this form of behaviour at day care, other than the relentless tears and separation anxiety she (and I) suffered for almost three years.

Well, it seems that she only displays this kind of emotion and irrational behaviour at home. She's an angel at school. She loves it. She still skips in daily and has made some little friends. She loves the activities, she's enjoying reading and writing and really, we couldn't be happier. We're happy because she is happy.

But oh my goodness, her behaviour at home. Wow. It can be simply revolting. She speaks so, so rudely and is so, so bossy and at times she is downright mean. Then I look at this face and wonder where it comes from. parenting is so difficult some days.

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