23 March 2012

No style

Yesterday I wasted seven dollars something on the Shop Til You Drop magazine. I say wasted, because out of the whole magazine, which is dedicated to clothes, shopping and imparting a certain style, I found two items of clothing/accessories that I could imagine wearing and importantly, fit within my meagre budget. Honestly, I just couldn't see anything at all that I felt I could wear.

Then today I'm wearing a new pair of work pants. I've made a mistake with them. They wrinkle when I wear them. I am usually quite obsessive about fabric that wrinkles - if I like an item of clothing in a shop, I will take a corner in my hand and squeeze. If there are wrinkles when I let the fabric go, that's the end of that. Often very cheap fabrics wrinkle, but then you've also got linen which is just a crinkle-fest. These pants weren't so cheap.  I suppose I could check the label of these pants, but whatever they are, they are annoying me. I'm not sure how I let this happen! Not only that, I had them shortened (I always, always need my pants shortened!) and they're too long! They keep catching on my shoes. Agh!

I feel so "mumsy" these days. After my disastrous short hair cut, I have made it even worse by going back and trying the fringe look again. After comparing the photos in that post, I actually did think the fringe look suited me. So a week ago I had my hair coloured again and I had a fringe trim again. I hate it, again.
I feel so style-less. I think I want to be a little bit bohemian, colourful, comfortable and just feel my own style. It's not happening! I don't wear heels, I want to be comfortable when I'm out on the weekends playing with my kids. I just cannot seem to find much that I like these days. Do you have a style? Or are you struggling along, just trying to be comfortable?


Jenn said...

Fringes are such a pain in the bum. I look so much better with one but I have to blowdry it EVERY DAY for it to look at all halfway decent and even then it often does its own thing. If you've not been taught before the secret to the side swept fringe is to blow dry it or straighten it in the opposite direction to how you want it to lie.

As for style, for me it's just a means of expressing myself. Some days I put together an outfit I love and other days it's just getting dressed. I find wearing a beautiful dress always helps though!

Kelly said...

I stopped buying shop to you drop too, I found it was full of stuff I didn't even like. Totally waste of money agreed!

I had a fringe and I loved it, but it grew out and I haven't had the time to myself to get a hair cut since before Christmas. I must had that to my list of things to do!

I love earrings everyday even with my plain mum style clothes. I always feel prettier with them xo

Blythe said...

Jenn, thanks - I will try the opposite trick! Kelly, earrings do help me too, I try to wear an accessory each day.