20 March 2012

Play dough mess

My baby boyo was beginning to get a little sick on Friday so he was happy to cruise around at home after we caught up with our playgroup friends. In between rain showers, we sat outside and had some sensory fun. We made this play dough a while ago and O squished it all together and it became green. We also made this coloured pasta and coloured rice quite a long time ago. I tipped some rice and pasta in to a bowl and let him go for it. We had a great time poking it in to the play dough and making funny shapes, then he just tipped the whole bowl out and covered the table with pasta and rice. Then he tipped most of it on the ground...

We left it all outside while we to pick up M from school. We dropped in to the library then headed home. M thought it would be interesting to fill the plastic bowl with water and throw in handfuls of the coloured pasta and rice, which immediately turned the water a murky colour as all the food colouring leached out. Rice and pasta went all soggy and then water spilt on to the play dough. Mm, what a mess! They did have fun though ad I was glad I’d had a little think about getting together some more interactive activities for him on our day together. These things were ready to go so it was super easy. Just what I needed that day, which was hard in other ways. 

I need to think of a few more activities we can do this Friday. Any ideas?


Katie said...

Coloured shaving cream on a baking tray or flat tray and a pencil or chopstick to make patterns.
Thats all I can think of eight now : )

Blythe said...

Ah, great idea, he'd love that! Thanks Katie!