6 March 2012

School is cool

I don't remember school being quite so much fun as it seems to be these days! Above is Grandma Poss, the class possum who comes home in her very own Australia tote bag. She likes to hang out in the garden, so we needed to take photos, paste them in to to Granma Poss' scrapbook and write about her stay with us. M was beyond excited to get Grandma Poss, as she's been waiting since almost the very first day of school.

M looking not so happy that O wants to be in the photos too. He's so in to the idea of big school, but he now understands he'll have to wait a few years.

She actually said "don't take photos of me in my pyjamas" and she went off to choose something more appropriate. Hmm. The fake smile is plastered on, too.

They've also cooked fried rice, lamingtons, tacos, made sandwiches, popcorn... I seriously do not remember school being this much fun when I was a kid!

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