15 March 2012

School paraphenalia

School is hard work. For me! Keeping up with which folder goes back to school on the right day, which book goes back when, library bag, home activities, home reading, recording reading, permission slips, going to school for activities, organising extra stuff like orange clothing for the anti-bullying day on Friday, a blue shirt for cross country day, Easter hat craft supplies, a donation bag of chocolate eggs, special tuckshop order (her first) , stuff for crazy hair day and a gold coin donation... I’m exhausted by it all and our house is littered with paper, books, folders and lists. And the artwork – M is just so prolific, she creates about a tree worth of art and craft each week, both at home and school. I see all these great ideas on the internet for command stations but I cannot get my head around a space or a place for such a thing. I don’t know how to get ahead!

Then I look at her school shoes which she has been wearing for about seven weeks and wonder if I have the strength to return them, they look terrible. They’re leather, but they’re peeling, stitches are ripping off and basically they look very old, not fairly new.

What do you to do to keep all this school stuff under control?


Michelle said...

Yes definately return the shoes that shouldn't happen. As for the other things I'm no expert on sorry can't help there :)

Blythe said...

Thanks Michelle - I did end up returning them and getting a new pair. Fingers crossed these ones last longer than nine weeks!