12 March 2012

Sunday with friends

There are some days, so weekends, some weeks where it is so difficult to focus on the blessings, the positives and the gratefulness. I've been experiencing this "low" for a little while now and this weekend was trying. The whole experience of just being tested my patience and my sanity this weekend and I am actually surprised I made it through without losing it at someone, anyone.

On Sunday, the boy woke us early and the niggly, annoying feelings just continued. The day was a bit messy, but made brighter with a trip down the coast to visit friends and a birthday celebration at the beach. Friends always seem to make the day brighter. The weather was on and off, with dark clouds, sunshine, hot sunburning sun and drops of rain.

My kids, snacking and facing the sand dunes instead of the waves. I'm not really sure why!

O, head mechanic assistant. Fascinated by his Aba changing a tyre on the car. Oh yes, we had a flat tyre. Notice the cute little grease stains on his cheek?

Here you go, Aba!

I managed to sneak in a little half hour nap which eased my cranky pants attitude, but I have to say I physically felt the silence when they went to bed, absorbed it and just breathed out. Somehow, I managed to get through the weekend without doing something I'd regret, like screaming at my kids. I just held my mouth and held my sanity. 

Do you have times like this?

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