17 April 2012

Grow your own

I grew up in "the country", which meant we always had a vegetable garden, fruit trees and herbs growing wild. Living in apartments and houses since I left home, I often tried to grow herbs, with very little success. My mum has recently set me up (again) with quite a few yummy herbs and and my good friend Laura has given me a few strawberry plants and a kaffir lime tree. Amazingly, a previous attempt at growing herbs has somehow given us established mint and oregano. In fact the oregano is going a little bit wild!

Our garden is very scrappy, with an almost constant cover of fallen leaves and terribly spiky dead branches, allf rom a neighbour's tree. The kids have also heaped a whole lot of sand from the sandpit on to the garden.

See my little shallots there? They're recycled. I read this post by Talia Christine (remember I mentioned her in yesterday's post?) and I thought, surely even I could do this one! So I saved a few ends of shallots, placed the roots in water and let them grow. Then M and I planted them in our leafy, sandy garden. We'll see how they grow!

Oregano. Do you say Oh-re-gah-no or O-reg-a-noh?

Thyme, parsley, crazy nasturtiums, weeds and moss.

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•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

First time commenter though I've visited before by a random click from Tina Gray.

I am just starting my journey to self sufficiency and vegie gardens.
Thank you for sharing.We've just moved to the country.

(ps I have some great comps IKEA $150 storage giveaway and $230+ new Lego games if you are interested closes tomorrow)