15 April 2012

Guess where we went?

 To the beach!

No really, we did. Perfect weather over the four day wekeend. So of course, we headed to beach. No surprise, right? It was gorgeous. We went to "real" beaches, the ones with waves. M is learning to embrace waves, O is still freaked out by them. We explored rockpools. Itay surfed. I swam and ducked under waves. It was so, so good.

I had some minutes alone on our bright, bright rug and I read my book in the sun. I practiced some mindfulness. I lay still, with my book beside me, my eyes closed. I felt the sun burning my skin, I felt the breeze move around me. I felt the salt drying on my skin. It was good.

Aba made me this totally cool sand ball. I love it.

So I'm just going to drop it and smash it. Fun!

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