4 April 2012

Her first school holiday

As usual, we hit the beach after swimming lessons on Saturday morning. The first morning of school holidays. We're making the most of the gorgeous, still warm, autumn beach days. M found this very cool vine as we set up our beach crap and it became the basis of most of the beach play that morning.

(As a side note, we have so much beach crap! We're pretty good at packing it up and heaving it around these days, but I remember our first few trips to the beach when M was a baby. Itay and I thought our lives were over. Seriously. On Saturday mornings, I pack our huge beach bag with three towels and a plastic bag for wet swimmers. Goggles. Swimming pool cards. Water. Dry underpants. Then I pack a second bag with four towels, dry swimmers, plastic bag for wet swimmers, camera, food, water, maybe a book if I'm feeling particularly optimistic. After swimming lessons, I swap out all the wet stuff from our huge beach bag and dump in all the dry beach stuff. Phew! We also drag beach toys, up to three boards and some days, the tent.)

Two sticks makes a violin.

So, her first school holidays. Sunday afternoon, I drove M down to my mum's place for her first sleepover. Ever, anywhere. Sadly, this is true. She is 5.5 years old and has never had a sleepover at her grandmother's house, or anywhere else. It's both our fault and her choice. We were such over protective parents and she was such a difficult baby. I found it so hard to let go. I still worry now about her being such had work for my mum. And M? Up until Sunday morning, she didn't want to go. She was scared of going to sleep without us. When she saw the suitcase I'd packed fer her, she began to get excited. When we arrived at my Mum's house, M just wanted me to leave. She was so cool - OK Mum, bye. When are you going? Make sure you tell Aba that I had no tears. He really needs to know that, OK? 

We've spoken to her a couple of times on the phone and it sounds like she's having a great time! My mum sounds tired. To be expected. M is an intense little lady.

The little lady is heading for Vacation Care at our daycare tomorrow. A trip to a cool park and lunch at Sizzler is on the agenda. She is super excited about this! Thursday, Itay takes a day off and hangs out with her. Friday to Monday, we're having family days, the long weekend. Tuesday, my mum will come up to look after M, and then she's back to Vacation Care for a craft & cooking day. Again, she is thrilled about this! Thursday, I've taken a day off to be with her and then I have my normal Friday with the kids. 

It's taken a little bit of juggling, some driving and quite a bit of thought about what would make M happy and what would work for us all, but we're doing it. How is it going to work out over the summer holidays? I'm a bit nervous about that!

What do your kids do over the holidays if you are working? Or if you're not? how do you keep them amused?

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