14 April 2012

Hunting for the good stuff

I went a little overboard with chocolate and stuff last year, so I restricted the celebrations a little his year. The Easter Bunny left a melamine plate, cup and spoon set on each kid's bed, which they both loved (and thanked me for!). O cracked open his egg straight away, and M's is still siting unopened in the fridge.

They then had a little (and much emphasis on the word little!) egg hunt in our yard.

They both collected their eggs with exclamations of delight and joy and opened just a few each.

Most of the eggs are still sitting in their little buckets.

He loves to line things up, his toy cars and trucks get the same treatment. Fun with chocolate.

I'm glad we limited the consumerism and the commercialism and just enjoyed a few minutes of fun with these funny little people. Love them so.

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