2 April 2012

My boy heads to a party

The little dude was invited to a party by a little girl named Sammy. His very first party invite that was just for him. He was excited! I had to take a photo of him, all dressed up, post-hair cut, ready to go. he was accompanied by his sister and Aba of course, but so sweet that he has little friends of his own. He's forging his own path.

I've made a speech therapy assessment appointment for the little man, as his stutter is becoming very strong and it's happening on almost every sentence. I have no idea where to begin helping him, but at the times when he's really, really having difficulty saying a word, I've gently asked him to slow down, take a breath and start the word again. It seems to make it easier for him, with only a few little stutters to then get the word going. I've noticed he has used the technique himself a few times, with no prompting, when he knows he is having a difficult time with a word. (Hmm, I have just Googled stuttering and most information says not to do that.) Hopefully we can get some help soon and work on this with him.

He's so funny. Love him so.


Jenn said...

Oh he's so lovely and so BIG!

Blythe said...

Isn't he big? And yet so tiny! I bet H is turning in to a real "boy" now too. Sigh.