29 April 2012

This week

Sun set, over a bank of clouds. Taken with my iPhone, while flying home from Melbourne.

As with most holidays, I was pretty tired when I arrived back in real life. Rushing the boy to the toilet, taking the garbage bins in, work phone calls and the school run. Parenting is a non-stop, full time job, and I was so grateful for the break. I'm so appreciative that Itay took on the parenting job while I was away with absolutely no problems.

This week has been all about catching up, making new plans, wondering what will happen next. I've had a few major changes at work and I'm not sure what that path holds for me next. It's been full of broken nights, with the small boy only wanting me to attend to him.

This week, my new drink bottle leaked all over my clothes, and unbeknownst to me, all over the library books I was returning. This water damage is going to cost me $45 and I am banned from borrowing until I hand over the dollars. Banned! This is devastating, for a library junkie like me.

This week I did not go to the gym. Next week, I must.

This week, we cleaned out our laundry and the kitchen cupboards, then moved the lounge room furniture around. It feels so good to clean up and move our energy around. De-junk and make space.

This week, I felt slightly overwhelmed by all the activities, notes, upcoming events, "homework", paprework and collecting of small cardboard boxes for school. This first year of school is taking some adjusting, and I'm not even the one attending school!

How was your week? What have you got planned for the week ahead?

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Michelle said...

Thinking about a big clean up is worse than actually getting in and doing it. Once you start it isn't so bad is it :) This week I'll be catching up with friends, which means not having to cook dinner each night which is a big treat for me, and hopefully finish painting the bathroom ceiling once and for all!