30 May 2012

Movie night

Last Saturday afternoon, Itay set up our beach tent outside for a little play with the kids. As darkness fell, we left the tent up and headed inside. After dinner, the kids jumped in the bath and we scurried outside. While listening out for them, we set up mattresses, blankets, a little light and even some still-warm-from-the-oven banana choc chip muffins. We grabbed a story book each, and then headed in to dry the kids.

They absolutely loved their little surprise, a simple, special way to snuggle together and read our bed time books. We flicked the lights on and off, giggled and shrieked and shared our muffins. It was lovely.

This weekend, we set up a movie night. M chose The Smurfs from the DVD shop,  we pulled out blankets, quilts and pillows. I filled cute popcorn boxes and we dimmed the lights. The kids were loving it... Until Gargamel hit the screen. M sobbed and then really cried... and continued to cry... and then we turned it off. Sigh.

Does anyone else have kids who are simply terrified of almost everything? She even cries in Barbie movies. We ended up watching Fireman Sam yet again. Anyway, the idea was there and I guess we'll try it again. It was a little anticlimactic, I must say!

29 May 2012

Arty farty

More of the girl, getting her craft on. The small boy even gets arty farty in this post!

Making wool pom poms. I used to do this when I was a kid and loved it!

Yet another early morning, before school painting and sponge printing session.

The small boy, creating. In black. Just the black paint. It cracks me up!

Love your work.

The serious little artist at her easel. A birthday painting for O. And below, again at her easel, with painted face, which she did herself. It's constant, this crafing and creating.

28 May 2012

point+shoot: Monster Machinery Day

A divine Autumn day here on the coast. Our house is markedly colder than real life, so we were wearing far too many layers as we headed out to the council's Monster Machinery Day. Located in a park by the Broadwater, it was a huge collection of various council machinery, ranging from garbage trucks through to cherry pickers to boats and gum removal machines. Yes, seriously. I didn't know they existed either.

Kids could line up to climb over the machines, sit in the drivers seat and honk horns. And honk they did. It was loud, combined with a band and a little stage hosting kids entertainment, all competing for attention.

After some hesitation, O embraced the big truck spirit and was simply loving it. M was interested in the mobile library truck and the recycling information truck, then we ran in to her little friend Mia and she was thrilled.

I loved watching O later this afternoon at home, mimicking this exact action, pushing the handles backwards and forwards, while sitting on one of his own little trucks. He loved this experience.

We ate our delicious picnic a little way from the action, in the relative quiet of the Broadwater. O paddled in the water, get his pants wet and scooted. M and her Aba told funny secrets. That girl has been rather challenging lately, a bucket load of attitude and "I want". Phew, she's hard work sometimes.

We headed home with O telling me he was tired. He fell asleep in the car and transferred to his bed at home, a rare occurrence these days. I also snuck in for a nap and I think I fell asleep in about a minute afte my head hit the pillow. It has been a huge week and I was tired.

A beautiful weekend. Family days, we call them. I hope yours was wonderful too.

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26 May 2012

School girl

Here she is, chin injury and all. She's immersing herself in school and it seems that she just adores it. Phew! She absolutely loves learning to read, it has been such an amazing journey, this reading gig. It has seemed impossibly quick. She understands words! Reads simple sentences! Understands signs! It really is so very cool and I love that she loves it.

I went to school recently for the "mothers, aunties, nanas and everyone special" pamper day. So much fun, even though I am still, several weeks later, picking that glitter nail polish off my nails!

She seems to have fit in with the little school routines and I am quietly amazed and hugely relieved that she is quite calm about any disruption to this routine. I forgot to pack her library bag and book this week and she was just so OK with it. I hid my surprise, as my pre-school girl would have had a huge meltdown about this. But no, she just told me we'd forgotten it and she moved on. My girl.

21 May 2012

point + shoot: Sunday sunshine

As winter approaches, I am reminded of one reason I do actually like living where we do - the weather. Sunshine, so deep that I wore a sheer singlet dress all day without a hint of chill. Brilliant blue skies. Quiet beaches.

The princess, loving my latest op shop find, this rainbow skirt. I took O to yet another birthday party this morning while Itay took M for a bit of a hike to some local rockpools. Her hair accessory of choice was this tiara. Perfect for a princess climbing rocks. 

We met in Currumbin for lunch and then a wander on the stunning, near deserted beach. This twirly skirt just oozed dancing and whirling.

She's so intense, this girl. The mouth is never closed, constantly asking questions to fill in the gaps of her knowledge, extending her view of life and challenging ours as she does it. What does "in-law" mean? Why don't you want me to say "What the heck"? What does "heck" mean, and then, shortly after, what does "hell" mean?

She tells me she loves me a hundred times a day and she gives me massages. She rubs creams in to my legs and she tells me that pink lipgloss would look pretty on me. She's hilarious.

The water wasn't actually that cold and I wished I had swimming stuff with us. Last year I swam in June, but I haven't managed a swim in May this year yet! I'm fighting off a cold whcih is making me sound all throaty and making feel all itcy-eyed and exhausted. Not good timing, with a huge week ahead, but when is it ever good timing to get sick? Hoping I can hold it off!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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18 May 2012

Melted cake, melted brain.

Note the melted windscreen on the black monster truck. The melted roll-cage on the safari jeep.

And then check out the melted, wonky wheels on the monster truck. The results of being heated up in an oven. Ah, the life of cake decorations in my house. Sorry, little trucks.

My brain is melting these days. I can't seem to retain much in this head of mine. I write lists and forget them, I write lists and forget to refer to them. I tried for two days to buy tampons. Yes, seriously. I went in to a shop to buy a particular item of party food, I came out with bags of stuff and no party food item. I sat in the car and berated myself. I went back in and bought the damn party food. I went to the shops today to stock up on a few birthday party presents* and return a few items. I bought stuff for dinner and returned the tracksuit pants that O refused to wear. I walked out without even thinking about the presents.

These are just a few examples, but serioulsy, my head is just air right now. The lists aren't helping. Please come back, memory and rational thinking. I need you!

*Man, what is it with parties at the moment? We have been to at least one, if not two parties per weekend for the last six weeks. Exhausting!

17 May 2012

Of falls, grazes and needles.

The girl greeted me at school a couple of weeks ago with her chin stuck out.  She'd tripped and rolled down some stairs, which was quite a stunt, I've been told. See that graze on her chin, above? A week later, I received a call from the school office, just as I was leaving to pick her up anyway. She'd run in to a pole during sport and had hit her head. She sounds a little too much like me, I fear. This weekend, she stubbed her big toe on our old wooden gate and she now has a long splinter in her toe. And wow, to get it out? I have rarely heard her cry like that. She was horrified, terrified and inconsolable. That girl does not need drama lessons. She's already NIDA trained!

Then the boy... A couple of weeks ago he had an immunisation, which scared the hell out of him. The nurse was quite rough and it actually gave me a fright, so poor O was pretty shaken. Today I took him to the dentist again. He has some dark marks on his teeth, almost black actually, which I really wanted to ahve checked out. he's a strong little boy, so the dentist didn't manage to get in there and attempt to scrape the staining off. O was just sobbing in my arms, "I don't want to. I don't want to. I want to go home", over and over.

All these tiny procedures are huge for the kids and heart breaking. However, I am thankful that these little mishaps and experiences are all that we going through. O seems to have come through his constant, heavy sicknesses and recovers much more easily from colds and coughs. What a huge relief that is. Health is simply so important, so necessary, so much a huge part of every minute of ours days. I know so many for whom health is not so straight forward.

16 May 2012

Boy turns 3

O playing on the mini road I made from black plastic and tape.
"It's not a road! It's a race track, Mummy!"

My tiny boy turned three on Saturday. He was so excited! We began the celebrations on Thursday - he was thrilled to celebrate his birthday at daycare with cupcakes and he proudly carried them in to the classroom. He announced to his teacher that it was his birthday in his quiet little "public" voice. A couple of presents arrived on Thursday afternoon so he opened those then. I felt like it may all be a little overwhelming to receive so many presents in one day (Saturday, his actual birthday and also the party day) so it felt good to spread them out a little. The appreciation factor of each gift went up too.

We had a little bit of a construction/road/truck theme going on.


Refueling station.


Simple party food. Marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles.


Decorating cupcakes. An oldie but a goodie, kids love decorating cupcakes and smooshing them in to their little mouths. As demonstrated below - O in a moment of reverance with his cupcake!

O is happy with his cake. Oh, the cake. I hired a number 3 shaped tin and baked it up, chilling and crumb coating, then chilling. I then covered the sides in grassy green fondant and I made a muddy, chocolately road along the 3, breaking up chocolates flakes and constructing obstacles for the little vehicles I'd chosen for the cake. O is in love with Jeep Wranglers. My mum and Itay helped with the styling, adding trees, Itay made a little chocolate mountain, we added flags... We finished at about 10pm on Friday night. I stored it in the oven as it was too large to safely fit anywhere else overnight. Mistake #1. I didn't take any photographs, as I wanted to use natural light in the morning rather than the kitchen lights. Mistake #2.

Party was in full swing. Time to heat up the party food. You see where this is going, don't you? I turned the oven on, which was obviously Mistake #3. Came back about 10 minutes later... And yes, the cake was still in the oven. I KILLED THE CAKE. The fondant had slid down the sides, the trees and cars had melted and basically it was ruined. Still edible, but it looked like a great big fat green and brown mess. I didn't cry, I put on a brave face as my darling mum tried to salvage it as best she could. The kids and adults still ate the cake and the adults all assured me it didn't look too bad. Thanks, friends, but I know better!


It doesn't matter than Mummy killed my cake, I'm going to eat it with gusto.
It will make mummy feel just a little bit better.

Happy birthday, baby boy!

15 May 2012

A birthday sparkle

My baby is three years old.

We've started a new little tradition for birthdays. I buy a number-shaped sparkler for each of them as their birthday approaches. At the time of their birth - around 6.40pm for O - we head outside and light the sparkler. We sing happy birthday. They just love it.

Happy third birthday, little man. I love you.

14 May 2012

point +shoot: celebrating

As my girl gets older and my husband becomes wiser, Mothers Day is becoming a truly lovely day for me! This year, I had a lazy morning in bed, reading while Itay managed the troops and cooked me pancakes. Pancakes in bed! With green tea! It was so sweet. My little family gathered around whle I ate and then it was gift time. Itay took M on a secret squirrel shopping trip recently, and they chose a very beautiful pair of earrings, which I just love. M also gave me a blue bead bracelet which she made at school, along with a huge bag of school made goodies. She'd managed to keep it a surprise, even from Itay so it was lovely to open all the cards, photos, artworks and cookies from school!

We had a quiet morning and then slowly headed out to have fish and chips by the beach. It was relaxed, the weather was gorgeous and it was just easy. I was able to laze on the blanket reading, while the kids played and scooted. Itay was brilliant, chasing them about. We finished up with iceblocks in the sunshine.

Yes, she is licking up the tomato sauce. She's obsessed with sauce. Almost any kind. Soy sauce, tartare sauce, tomato sauce. Dressings too - she loves them. And licks them up. Hmm.

It was a delightful day, and I truly felt pampered and appreciated. Thank you, little family. I am so blessed.

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9 May 2012

Sort it out

I open cupboards, stare blanky inside then close them. I shuffle through the piles of paper on the desk and on the kitchen bench. I look listlessly at the craft paraphenalia, tumbling out of the cheap drawers that are slightly broken and every time I try to pull one drawer out, it breaks a little more. I tidied and cleaned the pantry a few weekends ago and it's chaos again. Our medicine baskets are stored up high but they're a disorganised mess.

I honestly do no know where to begin. I have all the intentions to sort it out but it just doesn't happen. I sort through the piles of paper, file some and then just make various smaller piles of the remaining paper. Unsure what to do with these miscanallenous bits and pieces, I then pile them all on top of each other again to make... one big pile. Slightly smaller than when I began, but just the same pile.

The linen cupboard is a mash up of actual linen, well, really, just cotton. Who am I kidding, there's no linen in this house. Anyway, sheets, doona covers, towels and then let's throw in some folders, craft stuff, a box of mixed cultural items including stray Christmas decorations, the Hanukkiah and oh look, there's my sewing machine.

It is driving me insane.

I wander around, looking dejected and sighing. Itay says, "Blythe, make a list." So I do. And then we work on a few of the items on the list and suddenly a few jobs have been completed. The laundry has been sorted. And by that, I mean the walls have been wiped down, the windows cleaned, the actual washing machine itself has been cleaned and so has the floor behind and under it. The cupboard under the sink is now clean and organised and the art drawers have finally been replaced. I love it!

One little step at a time. But this desk, oh my. It's a mess. A shambles. And I have no solid ideas on how to figure this issue out!

8 May 2012

Melbourne: for me

Ahh, beautiful Melbourne. Seriously, it's a sensational city to visit. And autumn? What a perfect weekend it was. We don't get "autumn" up here, so the falling leaves in shades of red, gold, brown and yellow were divine. We had beautiful weather, in fact, I packed too warm. That is, I thought it would be colder and I didn't have enough "summer" clothes! I took about 3 photographs on my DSLR, then iPhone all the way, baby. If you follow me on Instangram, this post will probably be a bit boring.

Flying out of the Gold Coast. It's amazing, absorbing that new view on the place you live. Driving past paddocks just doesn't give you the sense that there are so many amazing patterns, so many shades of green, so much farming work happening so close to us on the glittery Gold Coast.

Outside an art gallery on Acland Street, St Kilda. A marble cushion. Mmm, comfortable!

Too funny. A real estate sign on Acland Street. Seriously!

Insane chai latte at 95 Espresso, Acland Street. Divine.

Sunset from the balcony of our luxe apartment, St Kilda.

Tuna Nicoise salad. Lunch. Mmmmm.

For my girl.

7 May 2012

point + shoot: Sunday in the country

We drove down to my Dad's new place yesterday. And drove. And then we drove some more. "Are we there yet?" No. "Are we there yet?" No. "Are we there yet?" No. Finally, we were actually there. And fuck, it was pretty there.

It's in the middle of nowhere, or about 20km from a little somewhere, and it's very quiet, very green and very beautiful. A perfect set up for my Dad. We did country stuff, like jump on the back of the ute and bumble down to the creek, stand stupidly in a stinging nettle plant, climb through barbed wire fences and heft huge rocks in to the creek.

My man took his little girl for a tractor ride and my little man sat in the dirt and gravel, loving it. He'd pick up a chunk of red dirt, crumble a bit off, inspect it all and then crumble a little more.

Then we drove home. Bloody love the country.

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4 May 2012

Craving creativity

Craving creativity. Craving sleep. Craving discipline. I seem to be swimming upstream in a river of blah. For the last few weeks, I’ve just not felt myself. I have a few issues on my mind, with some unexpected changes. I’m reading, reading, reading. Blogs, self help books, inspirational books. And that is all. Just reading. I don’t follow through. I don’t act upon these words, these feelings, these cravings.
I want to plant a garden. Make some cushions. Bake. De-clutter. Go to Spotlight, but actually DO. Clean out the linen cupboard. Make photo books. Take really gorgeous photographs. So many ideas swirling through my head but none of them translate to actions.

I've got a little boy turning three very soon. I can create and have fun with that... I need a focus, and he's going to love a truck party!

1 May 2012

Loving the boy

The night I arrived home from Melbourne, the little boy woke up crying, just before midnight. Itay went in to calm him, but O vehemently stated "Not you. Not you, Aba!". He then decided he couldn't fall asleep without Mummy. I need you, Mum, he said.

After the third or fourth visit to his room, I curled up with him in his tiny toddler bed in the hope he would relax. He closed his eyes, fluttering them open every minute or so to reassure himself that I was there. Our faces were just centimetres apart, his baby breath touching my skin, his thumb in mouth, his warm little legs tangled in mine.

Love him. Even when I'm so tired, exhausted from travel, landingn back in to parenting and woken from a dead slumber. He is divine. My baby boy. He is turning three is less than two weeks. Seriously? Not a baby anymore, but he will always be my tiny baby boy.