16 May 2012

Boy turns 3

O playing on the mini road I made from black plastic and tape.
"It's not a road! It's a race track, Mummy!"

My tiny boy turned three on Saturday. He was so excited! We began the celebrations on Thursday - he was thrilled to celebrate his birthday at daycare with cupcakes and he proudly carried them in to the classroom. He announced to his teacher that it was his birthday in his quiet little "public" voice. A couple of presents arrived on Thursday afternoon so he opened those then. I felt like it may all be a little overwhelming to receive so many presents in one day (Saturday, his actual birthday and also the party day) so it felt good to spread them out a little. The appreciation factor of each gift went up too.

We had a little bit of a construction/road/truck theme going on.


Refueling station.


Simple party food. Marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles.


Decorating cupcakes. An oldie but a goodie, kids love decorating cupcakes and smooshing them in to their little mouths. As demonstrated below - O in a moment of reverance with his cupcake!

O is happy with his cake. Oh, the cake. I hired a number 3 shaped tin and baked it up, chilling and crumb coating, then chilling. I then covered the sides in grassy green fondant and I made a muddy, chocolately road along the 3, breaking up chocolates flakes and constructing obstacles for the little vehicles I'd chosen for the cake. O is in love with Jeep Wranglers. My mum and Itay helped with the styling, adding trees, Itay made a little chocolate mountain, we added flags... We finished at about 10pm on Friday night. I stored it in the oven as it was too large to safely fit anywhere else overnight. Mistake #1. I didn't take any photographs, as I wanted to use natural light in the morning rather than the kitchen lights. Mistake #2.

Party was in full swing. Time to heat up the party food. You see where this is going, don't you? I turned the oven on, which was obviously Mistake #3. Came back about 10 minutes later... And yes, the cake was still in the oven. I KILLED THE CAKE. The fondant had slid down the sides, the trees and cars had melted and basically it was ruined. Still edible, but it looked like a great big fat green and brown mess. I didn't cry, I put on a brave face as my darling mum tried to salvage it as best she could. The kids and adults still ate the cake and the adults all assured me it didn't look too bad. Thanks, friends, but I know better!


It doesn't matter than Mummy killed my cake, I'm going to eat it with gusto.
It will make mummy feel just a little bit better.

Happy birthday, baby boy!


Laura said...

Oh dear, so sorry about the cake, wish I'd been there to help. You always put on an awesome party and obviously the birthday boy wasn't worried. x

Blythe said...

Thanks Laura! xx